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Solid Horizon Act 446 Briefing and Solutions
Gain knowledge and understanding of all the items listed in Akta 446 from James, the expert consultant.
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During the seminar, you will:

Have an in-depth understanding of Akta 446

Learn how to comply with all the criteria stated in Akta 446

Be able to educate others on Akta 446

Why should you join our AKTA 446 Insight and Compliance Seminar?

Gain knowledge and understanding of all the items listed in Akta 446 since its enforcement by the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) in September 2020, and learn how to properly comply with all the criteria covered in the act to avoid heavy penalties from the authorities.

Who Should Join?

1. Company owners
2. Human resource managers
3. Employers
4. Centralised accommodation providers
5. Construction site managers
6. Immigration officers
7. Foreign ministry members
8. Foreign worker agencies
9. Human rights lawyers
10. Contractors

James Yeoh, the Expert Consultant

  • Director of Solid Horizon since 2009
  • Restructured Solid Horizon from a financially struggling business to a multimillion ringgit company
  • Diversified Solid Horizon from a single-source revenue business to a multiple income generating corporation
  • Obtained industry recognition and certification for Solid Horizon
  • Benchmarked Solid Horizon’s best practices against global companies thus practicing industry compliance before the enforcement of JTKSM’s Akta 446.
  • Driving Solid Horizon as a leader in innovative construction technology for the future of the Malaysian construction industry
  • Won multiple awards for Solid Horizon
  • Maintained a 30% market lead gap in generated revenue ahead of Solid Horizon’s competitors
  • Spearheaded Solid Horizon’s undertaking of various large-scale projects including the KVMRT

During the seminar, you will:

Compliance to Act 446

Expertise with Act 446 to help companies

30 Years of Industry Experience



I. Employers
II. Centralized accommodations providers

  1. Covers all employment sectors
  2. Sets the minimum standards for worker’s housing and facilities in line with international standards
  3. Addresses forced labour
  4. Protects the rights and welfare of employees in terms of accommodations
  5. Improves worker’s safety and health
  6. Creates a more systematics and conducive accommodation for workers for the purpose of national development
  1. You’ll receive a fine of not more than RM50,000.00 or a jail term of not more than one year or both.
  1. Terraced Homes
  2. Shop Houses
  3. Bungalows
  4. Apartments/Flats
  5. Village Houses
  6. Office Shops
  7. Cabins
  8. SoHo/SoFo
  9. Others authorized by the local authoritie

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