Solid Horizon

Solid Cabins

light duty cabin

The most popular option, Light Duty Portable Cabins are flexible in usage and lower in price. Sturdy and portable, each cabin provides a cost-effective way to manage space and personnel for short-term use.

heavy duty cabin

Made for higher durability, Heavy Duty Portable Cabins are made to withstand all weather and terrain conditions for long-term use. Each cabin can be used for 10 years, or more with proper maintenance.

portable toilet cabin

Having accessible and portable toilet cabins greatly contribute to the overall cleanliness, hygiene and health of the workforce. With fully-functional, clean and affordable cabins, this is a common solution for many businesses who are seeking to provide cost-effective sanitatio

engineered cabin

Designed for modular construction or stand-alone use, Engineered Cabins are a safe, effective option that are compliant with Malaysian and British safety standards. Made to go above and beyond, Engineered Cabins are the perfect solution for companies who are looking for the safest modular cabins in the market.


Comfortable, luxurious living spaces that are manufactured, assembled and combined for maximum personalization. Each home can be configured to be uniquely yours or easily replicated in the form of large-scale developments.