Solid Horizon


Construction Site Office

The Construction Site Offices with Metal Decks involved are typically used for larger-scale projects, offering a robust foundation for many businesses to kickstart and grow their operations quickly. With a sound structural integrity and ease of transportation, this is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.


Fast to set up and easily modifiable, the Prefabricated Construction Site Office provides you with the ideal solution for quick turnarounds and relocation. With a full-service team at your disposal, designing, manufacturing and erecting a professional site office becomes an easy process.

Centralised Labour Quarter

Versatile and fully modular, the CLQ provides fully-equipped, fully-livable centralized accommodation for workers. This option includes safe, comfortable living quarters as well as the capabilities for implementing a gated and guarded community for maximum workplace safety.


For many businesses, having a spacious and customizable warehouse can greatly streamline operations. With Solid Horizon’s in-house team of engineers and designers, you benefit from reduced expenses and overheads, while having great flexibility over the design and layout.