Solid Horizon



Storage needs can be complex and the space you need for warehousing and the management of your inventories may be highly specialized. These buildings are the perfect solution for even the most sophisticated warehouse infrastructures. Warehouse are fully customizable and prefabricated to provide efficient, flexible, and expandable environments. Also offers a complete range of specifically designed component parts which help make your new warehouse function and flow with the needs of your operation.




Warehouse buildings require no interior columns or load-bearing walls, giving you greater flexibility on the design and layout of your facility and more room for storing goods.


These warehouses are made with high quality steel that is non-combustible. Our are engineer certified and fabricated to meet or exceed you local building codes to withstand the weather elements specific to your location.


Faster erection and completion than other more conventional construction methods and materials.


Using a steel building for your warehouse can save your company time and money when compared to the conventional construction of similar sizes structures. When you take into account the long-term costs of maintenance and repair, a steel building from General Steel can save you even more money because our buildings are engineered to be resistant to the elements and material erosion.