Solid Horizon

Solid Horizon, Premier Channel, and Falcon Safe Marketing Host Heart-Warming Family Day Event

On the Saturday of April 20, 2024, employees of Solid Horizon, Premier Channel, and Falcon Safe Marketing came together for a special occasion —the much-anticipated Family Day. This unique event, organized jointly by the three companies at SJK(C) Tiong Hua Kok Bin, aimed to foster appreciation among colleagues by inviting their family members to participate in a day filled with activities and heartfelt moments.

The Family Day was more than just a casual gathering; it was a platform for colleagues to introduce their loved ones, especially their parents and children, to their work friends. It underscored the importance of work-life balance and highlighted the vital role families play in supporting employees.

The event kicked off with a joyful photo session, where families posed and captured memorable moments at a vibrant photobooth. Laughter echoed as colleagues and their loved ones struck poses, showcasing their playful sides. The event also featured engaging game sessions where parents cheered for their kids, with prizes adding excitement and fostering teamwork among colleagues and families.


The day continued with heart-warming singing performances. The audience was treated to an array of musical delights, further deepening the bonds among colleagues and their families. All of the participants turned on their phone’s flash, singing along with the performers.

In a thoughtful gesture, a foot-spa session and tea ceremony were dedicated to the attending parents, offering them a relaxing break from their daily routines. The serene atmosphere provided an opportunity for the employees to express gratitude to their parents for their countless support and guidance.


As the day progressed, families and colleagues gathered for a communal dining experience. Seated together, they shared stories and savoured a delicious meal, reinforcing the sense of unity and appreciation within the workplace community.

The organizers emphasized that the event was not only about celebrating employees but also about acknowledging the pivotal role families play in shaping individuals. “Our employees are our greatest asset, and behind each one of them stands a supportive family,” noted one of the organizers.

The Family Day concluded with heartfelt farewells and promises to uphold the spirit of togetherness. As families departed, the sentiment lingered—solidifying bonds and fostering a sense of belonging within the workplace. With such initiatives, these companies set an inspiring example, reminding us all that amidst the busy pace of work, family remains our cornerstone of strength and support.